Sunday, November 15, 2015


Oh Dumsor, not sure if I should love you or hate you.
You remind me constantly what a precious commodity electricity is,
how easy my live has been, and that yes, it is possible to go without it.

You surprise me every day anew. Always lurking around the corner.
Never certain how long you will stay or when you leave again,
but grateful that I you are with me while I am writing these lines.

DUMSOR. My first Twi word I leared. Dum means off, Sor means on,
as for the constant on and off for electricity....  Ganz suess die Massen jubeln zu hoeren wenn er (der Strom) wieder laeuft. Fast wie wenn Ghana ein Tor schiesst...

The aforementioned Nkrumwh, while controversial at the end of his term, was responsible for building the first dam in Ghana - Akosombo Dam.

Finished in 1966, its construction created the largest man-made lake in the world - Volta Lake - to produce electricity for the aluminum industry they tried to build. Its a longer story I have a bit to say about, but will not bore you with the details at this point :) 

Anyhow, since 2004 the rainfalls have been less, the water level hence lower, and with it the electricity production. The second source for electricity production is Gas from Nigeria.

However, the pipeline was damaged and difficult to repair as Boko Haram is not so keen on visitors in its region. 
Ghana also had a bit of trouble to pay its bills lately as oil prices have been down.

This might seems nonsensical at first glance, but the Jubilee oil field which was discovered in 2007 a few miles of the coast and  started production in 2010 was supposed to sell its barrels of oil for around $140... not $40! 

International markets. As predictable as electricity supply in Ghana. 

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