Thursday, December 19, 2013


The Passport-odyssey continues. My passport is still stuck with Immigration (DJM), and apparently without a visa that would allow me to leave this country easily and smoothly on Sunday. So yesterday Melaine and I embarked on the trip to Kinshasa to ‘clarify things,’ or see who else we have to sweet talk in the administration to make sure our paperwork is processed and handed-back. 

My bigger concern was less administrative and more emotional, as my life has been more on the latter side recently anyways, but especially as leaving Mbandaka meant leaving Ima and Dawa (the cat and dog). One could look back at the overly quick decision to take on a dog and a cat as foolish, but they were amazing and most likely had it much better with us than on the streets of Congolese cities. I grew into a cat lover – who would have thought – and absolutely adored my first dog I ever owned. My German-planning genes were activated in the past weeks, trying my best to ensure the animals happiness while both (Melaine and I) are gone. Guilt, as usual, crept in anyways. Lots and lots of guilt in fact. Over leaving them (in my case for a long time or even for ever), but also for providing them with more food (especially meat) than many Congolese have in their everyday lives. On top of it all I managed to twist or break a bunnies food. The mentioned emotional side exploded … the three baby rabbits are now in good hands with Robin and Pascal, and the broken food apparently easy for the little bunny to continue life with. The guilt remains for now, but there is hope. And hope is always good. 

Hope also for our visas. In the meantime the Ministry of Environment, the Minister of Planning, a lawyer, a personal friend with influence and the DJM are involved. The jumbo-fuck of who knows who, and who can tell who to fuck off is beyond me, but I think we will get our passports today or tomorrow, thanks to a lot of running and calling around by the French man.

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