Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Garbage monsters

During our unsuspecting morning dig, Pascal and I came across - yet again - more garbage. In the absence of public garbage services (or any other services) the previous tenets decided to distribute their garbage in the garden. Quite the common practice around the city, as I may add. But certainly not the kind of soil I want to plant my veggies on. 

From dish soap container, over juice bottles, tomato paste cans (my favorite, as our cook is leaving those behind for us to burry as well), over shampoo, diapers and condom rappers - its all still there. No need to blame - we face the same issue.

Only that we had someone re-build an old oil barrel (life has a sense of humor I tell you) so we can burn all the oil based plastic products. In total for that morning -  3 bags to be burned. Not too bad for a 1m by 3m bed. I expected it to be worse. The two bags of metal will have to find another whole to disappear in, hoping that mother earth will eventually do the job of destroying what we have created - a garbage monster.

Clearly I have never been so aware of the garbage we produce. Well, its the first time I have to dig through other people garbage to clean up their mess. So far other people have done so for me. A thank you to the garbage people and recycle programs out there. Still how many of us have been to the garbage canons we are producing each year? My bet it less than 1%. Of course now I think 3 times before I buy the imported juice from France in its Tetra pack I will have to burn later on - not only because it costs an absurd $8 per liter. I do anyways, because I need the little pleasures in life right now - but the guilt accompanies me home. Also because I was hoping to find ample amount of fruit to make my own juice in the rain forest. But that is a different story.

So I try my best to come up with alternative uses for the trash I am producing. So far my masterpiece is the transformed Sprite can into a water container for the rabbit... clearly their is room for improvement.
All ideas are welcome. Mind your trash. Who know who will have to pick it up one day... 

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