Friday, May 24, 2013

Yes and No

No milk, no yoghurt, no cheese.
No wine, no vinegar, not juice.
No pepper. No curry. No rosemary.
No wash machine. No stove. No oven.
No toilette seat. No shower. No towel (I f!@#$ that one up).
 No toaster. No herbal tea. No chocolate!
… are things that I was used to again, and now miss . Bucket showers are okay, but the toilette paper that I can sand my chair with is not cool. Living without Nutella has been easier than I would have thought. While the lack of spices (such as pepper) is a no go. Sucking on oranges instead of buying juice is actually more fun (and more environmentally friendly), but the difficulty finding fruits is driving me mad. The worst is the lack of vegetables though – no salad, no tomatoes, no carrots, no cauliflower, no beats, no celery…. Even corn is hard to find in this Manioc eating nation!! Just 10 minutes ago we finished our meal: rice, beans, and spinach… again (Melaine gets a bit of pork).
Result: Sustainable and independent living becomes a must. The first agriculture books have been read, and the decision is made: we will collect our rain water, convert the sun’s energy (thank you Wood Hole Research Center) and grow and harvest our own vegetables – for the first time ever. In case we will not be successful, please send your care package to:
14 Avenue d’Clinque
Mbandaka, RDC
Thank you!
Okay, just kidding. Mail is not delivered here. Even DHL gets lost. Any advice or tips are appreciated though!
And now, what we really care about: PICTURES, as they speak more than a thousand words

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