Friday, April 5, 2013

Back to our new home ENG

In just a few hours a CAA flight (fingers crossed) will take us to back to our new home – Mbandaka. This time just Melaine and I  - but awaited by many lovely locals we met during our last visit : )

Last night we enjoyed a couple of hours of AC as the heat is relentless especially during the night, making you bath in a puddle of your sweat for most of the 24 hours. Just early morning is more comfortable – which is often utilized by the locals, who get up incredibly early (for my standards anyways : ) The time ticks different over here. 

I just enjoyed my shower with running water and can only hope to have another one soon – maybe in a month or two (fingers crossed). Nothing is set up for now. Not even the rental agreement signed. So lot's of things to do : ) I hope the contract is signed soon so the renovations can begin. Most of the material will have to be shipped from Kinshasa…  coordination with a continent and many times zones apart is not always easy, espeically the planning, including on the financial site,  are not very ‘German’ : ) Everything is new, and procedures have to be set up - hopefully quickly. So for now there is not a lot of certainty in our lives, but I am full of hope returning to our new home. 

For now we will be staying in a small Hotel we saw for 5 Minutes right before leaving to Gemena, and in which we left all of our belonging to be kept while we are on the road (fingers crossed). It’s much cheaper than our first stay - $30 – and run by a lovely couple, as far as I was able to judge in the few minutes I met them : ) But Mbandaka, is Mbandaka… no electricity, no running water. Our camping trip on the equator is about to begin. I am a bit scared of the very different life, the mosquitoes, the heat, an the lack of my ‘oh so loved’ showers (at least the ones with running water - we do have bucket of course)…  I do really look forward to the people and the project, and our attempt to make a positive difference in same way. Fingers crossed : )

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