Monday, March 11, 2013

ENG: DRC - here we come

The time has come - Tomorrow morning we will be leaving from Marseille via Paris  before landing in the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Kongo - Kinshasa!
Eventually we are supposed to make it to Mbandaka in the middle of the Equator region in the North West of this enormous country. Mbandaka, our new home!?

Since graduating last fall the job search was often hard, but more often hopeless. So many of us would like 'to do good' - for a living - but it's almost impossible in our current system.

My job search was unsuccessful, and thus my boyfriend and I actually decided to leave for Madagascar in January. However, the universe had a different plan and today we are sitting on packed bags, ready to venture into the green heart of Africa.

About the DRC: I knew of the ongoing war in the east of the country and of its hero - Patrice Lumumba (who was murdered so horribly by the CIA and the Belgian secret service within 7 months of his election in 1960), but I know little about this large country in the heart of Africa so far. 

One thing is certain: the country and its people had to endure a lot over the last century and beyond. The large resource-wealth has turned into a resource-curse - which has brought people mostly war and oppression. The country is ranked 187 out of 187 of the Human Development Index of the United Nations ( De facto, the poorest country in this world, while it holds vast amounts of coltan, gold, diamonds, oil...

For now I'm excited and hopeful. The first few weeks we will still travel a bit, but within two months we should be official residents in Mbandaka. In middle of the rainforest, right next to the Congo river, and exactly on the equator (one of few cities in the world to be right on it!). Right in the green heart of Africa! Exciting times
 ... despite the corruption and the mosquitoes that are waiting there as well...

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