Tuesday, January 11, 2011

small interception for Frantz

As I am currently reading Frantz Fanon - The Wretched of the Earth - I'd like to share a part I recently read:

"The collective building up of a destiny is the assumption of responsibility on the historical scale. Otherwise there is anarchy, repression and the resurgence of tribal parties and federalism.
The national government, if it wants to be national, ought to govern by the people and for the people, for the outcasts and by the outcasts. No leader, however valuable he may be, can substitute himself for the popular will; and the national government, before concerning itself about international prestige, ought first to give back their dignity to all citizens, fill their minds and feast their eyes with human things, and create a prospect that is human because conscious and sovereign men dwell therein." p.165

Sometimes called the manifesto of Third World liberation, "The Wrechted of the Earth" was originally written for emerging post-colonial nation-states (published in 1961). Sometimes castigated for its glorification of violence against the settlers, as the only way out. However, it has much more to offer...
He warns about the new "revolutionary" bourgeoisie, replacing the old colonial powers; merely replacing one evil with another. The section above, clearly with a Marxist touch, is a old AND current reminder what democracy ought to be... To me a man with tremendous foresight, and an excellent read for anyone interested in Africa and its development (and i haven't even finished reading it yet : ))

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