Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Harare - Mutare ...Buvumba Moutains

Zim! Harare - Mutare ...Buvumba Moutains

After having a wonderful start into my little backpacking adventure in Zim, including as an introduction to Witchcraft/ Alchemy, Roses given away by strangers and letting me use their phones, an opportunity to help re-plant maize with a Subsistence farmer (a friends mom) in Glendale (and being exhausted after about 24 seconds later ; ) as well as a plethora of people who dropped whatever they did to show me the way... i moved on toward Mutare.

I actually had an "escort" - Nyasha (a friend's friend) walk me to the Combi "station" - the side of the street in front of the Road Port Terminal. Neither of us was sure how often Combis would go (BTW - Combis are mini vans, with three benches in the back, usually squeezing in about 20 people+... and are one of the cheapest ways to get around, even if its not always the more comfortable).

As we turned the corner towards the Combis a guy steps up to us right away - "Mutare, Mutare!! - perfect. The combi was almost full - a good indication that we would leave soon. I was the second to last person in... sitting in the front row, hoping to have a full seat to myself. Right! Of course the had one more person fit in, which relegated me to the "toilet seat" - the seat between the bench and the fold out chair. Alisha Keys was blasting while i enjoyed the lush green countryside and my company. The last women that joined us was a 28 Year old nurse - Mati. Excellent English and many stories to share - i connected. In the midst of our ride she pulled out her phone to check my profile on facebook! Zim is online! 3 hours and $6 later I arrived in Mutare..

Without a map and a clue where i would be going the walk main street was a bit confusing at first, however, as luck would have it i was stopped my a young woman - Amanda - who's mom works at Annie's lodge - the only backpackers place that survived the dry spell. The city itself is nothing to write home about, but a great place to stack up on food, talk to folks on the street and use the internet : ) While in search for Cecil Kop Nature Reserve - a beautiful little spot about 3 miles from town - i was a bit lost and stumbled upon/waved down a car full of guys...these guys would not only take me to Cecil Kop, show me around town that night, took the entire next day to drive us all around Bvumba mountains (including the famous Lepord Rock Hotel where MJ stayed and two stops to change the spark plugs on our dying Toyota : ), took me to their house for dinner, but also made me the German ambassador of Cecil Kop : ))

Bvumba mountian was the reason i had stopped in Mutura, but without your own transport its impossible to get up there. Thanks to Kudakwashe aka Kuda (God's will), Tali aka Tawanda (We are many), Jessy and Simba aka Simbarashe (God's power) - and four additional spark plugs - we/i was able to explore all of Bvumba moutains beauty... and thanks to Nancy, Sam and Mutsa (grace) i also enjoyed amazing Zim hospitality and food. They opened their house and heart without any hesitation, representing the ultimate of trust and love to your fellow men. Thanks so much!!

.... for New Years i had a plan... so i left for Chimanimani

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