Saturday, December 25, 2010

more Lesotho

Lesotho (vs. Germany)

Surface area (square kilometres): 30 355 (GER: 357 114)
Population in 2008 (estimated, 000): 2 049 (GER: 82 264)
Life expectancy at birth (women and men, years): 45.8/44.5 (GER: 82.4/77.1)
Infant mortality rate (per 1 000 live births):69.6 (GER: 4.1)
GDP: Gross domestic product (million current US$: 1616 (GER:3649469)
Education: Government expenditure (% of GDP): 12.4 (GER:4.4)
Threatened species: 11 (GER: 75)
Energy consumption per capita (kilograms oil equivalent): 10.0 (GER:3449.0)

Gross National Income (GNI)per capita, Atlas method (current US$):2009 $980 (GER $42,450)
Unemployment, total (% of total labor force):27.3% 1999!! (GER:7.5% 2008)

On a personal note:
Seemingly the two main sources of income in Lesotho could be Diamonds and wool.
However, the "diamonds in the sky" facility seemingly is owned by South Africans, only employing about 500 locals, and with very little benefits for the community (not even the infrastructure).
They also have a plethora of sheep... but the blankets on can by (for R450 not the cheapest of souvenirs) all had the "made in South Africa" label, and the cashier was certainly not from Lesotho, nor the African continent. Apparently the Chinese had invested in Lesotho while there was a free trade agreement for textile with the US, however, once the agreement expired the factories were closed and the Lesotho people none the wiser nor richer...

soon more... in about two hours I will be sitting in a Greyhound bus toward Harare, hopefully exploring the "house of stone" aka Zimbabwe.

Merry Christmas.

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