Thursday, December 16, 2010


Lesotho is called Southern Africa's kingdom in the sky ... for good reason.
This stunningly beautiful, mountainous country is nestled island-like in the middle of South Africa.

With only about 2 million people calling this nation their home, one can feel emerged into the wilderness of "real africa". Streets often being unpaved, electricity provided by a generator, if at all, this nation seems millions of miles away from the very developed South Africa.

In the short time i visited, I only was able to explore parts of the east... we (a US-american, south african, dutch and german ... me: ) started our road trip into Lesotho at Caledonspoort. Already before arriving in this gorgeous and tranquil country, nature rewarded our exit of the city with a phenomenal lighting
could, keeping us at awe for hours (and making me wish, I would have paid more attention in physics : )

We randomly pulled over close to Oxbow. I am hesitant to call this a town, since it seems quiet small while driving past a few house after nightfall. Thankfully the "chef" had mercy with us and after "the best omelet in the world", we enjoyed the bright stars above us (especially after the generator was switched of and no light were left for miles.... but the milky way - stunning. absolutely stunning).

I woke up to a bunch of birds and a waterfall outside my window. After the guys washed themselves clean in the mountain spring, we embarked on a few hour hiking tour... crossing rivers, up the waterfall, passing shepherds and their sheep, all surrounded by the vibrantly green mountains. Pure Bliss.

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