Sunday, November 14, 2010

.... back to South Africa

So while still in Mexico I made the decision to return to... well, Germany originally. During my brief stop in California I gave most of the possessions away it wasn't a lot), shipped three boxes and packed my suitcases. While traveling in Guatemala I had applied for a fellowship in South Africa within the "Awethu Project" ... after the interview in August I received my acceptance e-mail, and two days before hading to Germany (for good?) I also booked my flight to Johannesburg for the 12th of September.

After my brief stop in my homeland, Quatar Airlines took me back to South Africa. I was quiet taken by this beautiful country the first time around. Only 16 years after the end of apartheid this country has come a long way - the rainbow nation, seemingly embracing their diversity and taking large steps toward economic development for the majority of its people.

It fells very different than the other African countries I have visited ... much more western, with a heavy influence my the United States when it come to food, clothes, shopping facilities and entertainment.

The natural beauty of South Africa is breathtaking and their people very friendly.
All reasons to come back and explore a bit more... this time working in Johannesburg for 6 months.

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