Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Second act, first scene

Took off last night - gotta love Sac airport - they allowed me to bring my luggage as a carry on :) Just arrived at Tegucigalpa a few hours ago. Ended up sharing a taxi from the airport with an American - Owen - and since he was dropped off at the oppisite end of town (at one of the many bus stations), I got a free city tour ... and my fist chance to practise my spanish : )

more later .. for now the city is waiting to be explored : )

Tegucigalpa situated 1000m above sea level, deep in a mountain valley, in the Honduran capital and based on "the rough guide" not the most welcoming. I am of course on my travel high, being back on the road after 10 months in clean, organized and very well off developed countries. To others this city might not have any appeal, but I am happy to be back in the Latin American atmosphere where hundreds of vendors lining the street, fresh fruit sold like candy and with muchisimo alive and well : ) The streets are filled with blowing horns and the wires of the electric grid are hard to ignore. I have not looked at Honduras history yet, but the spanish influence is apparent with the plethora of catholic churches around. One can also very much feel the effects of the big brother america, which is reflected by the abundance of fast food chains. All in all a great start into Central America ...a good chance it will get even better ; )

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