Saturday, June 26, 2010

Historia de Honduras


1000 BC Maya settle in Honduras
100 BC construction of Copan begins
426 AC Maya royal dynasty is founded
900 AC collapse of Mayan civilization.Lenca become the predominant indigenous group, settling in small, scattered communities and absorbing other indigenous cultures.
1502 Christopher Columbus come by
1524 Herman Cortes claims Honduras for the Spanish
1524-1571 Indigenous population declines from 400.000 to 15.000
1536 Lempira amasses 30.000 man force, which rebels against the Spanish
1539 Lempira is assassinated and the Spanish hold on Honduras is assured. Gold and silver are discovered n the country's interior and mining begins. The ´encomienda´ ( labour system was put in place, assuring social stratification.
1800 With mines failing and droughts destroying agriculture harvests, the economy enters a crisis period. Society is deeply divided, and the country still has no national printing press, newspaper or university.
1821 Honduras gains independence from Spain, but is annexed by Mexico.
1823 Provinces of Central America declare themselves an independent republic.Civil War begins.
1830 Honduran Fransicso Morazan elected president of Republic after defeating conservative forces in Guatemala.
1839 War against El Salvador. Independence is no kind to Honduras economy and infrastructure, and intense rivalry between Liberals ad Conservatives keeps the country in an almost permanent state of political and military conflict.
Late 1800 Dole develops industry - Banana industry starts
1954 Banana Strike. result - labor unions and protection laws
1956 A coup in October introduces the military as a new element in the country's hierarchy of power. Civilian government is reinstated in 1957, but a new constitution that year gives the military the right to disregard presidential orders.
1969 The football war break out
1975 Bananagate scandal - payment of $1 million to government officials by US brnad in return for a reduction in taxes
1981 Honduras becomes focus for US-backed Contra war in Nicaragua; relationship between military and government grows closer; human rights violations rise
- school of Americas: U.S. Military Training for Latin American
1989-1998 Following US withdraw, economy collapses completely, but power is slowly wrested back from the military

1998 Hurricane Mitch hits Honduras, killing over 7000 - fifty year set back
2001 Ricardo Madur of the Conservative National Party ends Liberal Party rule. He works to crack down on gang-related crime and encourages tourism post Mitch
2006Honsuras signs the Central America Border Control Agreement, allowing tourists to travel freely between Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua for up to ninety days.

... at least this is what the "Rough guide to central America" tells me

In more recent events Honduras should have made headlines about "disappearing" journalists ...

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