Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tanzania - Malawi- Zambia

here just a short update, so you guys know I am ok ;)

From the intriguing maze of narrow lanes in Stonetown, we took a trip up north of this amazing island. Famous for its spices we stopped at a plantation ... testing ginger, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg and more.

The white beaches in the north, with our balcony overlooking the blue waters of the Indian ocean, made the perfect place to relax for a few days. Very comfortable/western - including the prices ;) great place to enjoy time away form the crowds.

Back at the crowded city of Dar el Salaam we enjoyed yet another compftable day of beach life, before we headed inland to Iringa, in the mountains of Tanzania. Alongside the road, which were getting better (in Deutschland vergleichbar mit Feldwegen), we could see glimps of East African living - basic, very basic, but seemingly happy peasants that live from very little. I have seen similar images on television, but somehow was still stunned by the difference living standards ...

The boarder crossing into Malawi was easy and free ;) Our first night at the lake we spend in Chitimpa. While the others where souvenir shopping I decided to see a "Witch doctor". The man (23) who took me to him, shared his story with me: an orphan since the age of 16, who had lost his mother at the age of 12 to the Acquired Immun Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS) and his father to the second most influential killer in Malawi - malaria.

The "witch doctor", like many other african men of influential status, had a few wifes and many more children. It was an amazing experience, dancing with him during sunset, surrounded by a dozen of his children all watching us, see the possions he uses to heal ... and getting to know what my future holds ;)

Our next camp ground was a bit further south along the lake, but first we stopped at a local market to give peole the opportuniy to purchase some second hand clothing for a 'custom party ' the next night individuals could participate in. These markets seem like the "shopping malls" of Africa. Very livley, offering everything from eggs to sneakers. Apparently most of "our" donated clothing ends up here to be re-sold to the population. My navie slef had imagine my donated clothing to be given away, but in the age of capitalism the mere thought must seem like a joke.

The camp side was beautiful once more and while the rest of the group enjoyed horseback riding and village tours I simply enjoyed my books and journal on the beach.

Yesterday we arrived in Zambia - and just now I am in the middle of a national reserve, just a few hundred meters away from hippos and baboons. Tonight we might hear, and tomorrow we will hopefully see another few of their friends ...

The people here are unbelievable friendly ... the roads unbelievable bad ... food is good .. the group is very nice ... camping is still fun ... the night skies here are mind blowing (do to the lack of electircity and therefore light) ... no or cold showers get old very fast ... I go to bed with the sun and get up with her ... I cherish every piece of chocolate I can find ; )

much more info to come soon.
lots of love

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