Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Africa adventure - Kenya to Tanzania

Jambo - Mambo

Bangkok - Doha - Nairobi ... after 24 hours I arrived in Kenya. The greeting at the airport was very warm already, and so far this welcoming culture has continued. The internetconnections here are hard to find ... truly a third world country. Therefore the following posts will be short and the picture I upload later can speak for thyself :)

Nairobi, large and chaotic, busy but still more organized than the SE Asian cities - trafficwise.
The National Museum is a must - seemingly the best place in the world to learn about our ancestors. Also a great collection of Masai culture. The entrance price typical for Africa: $11. Quiet different from the cheap prices I was used to in SEA.

The three story supermarket was filled with many brands of the west, with prices to match ... but for the most part people in Kenya still shop in markets and small stores along the road.

Back on a GAP tour I got to meet the 20 fellow campers and the our guide from South Africa.
In a "Safari-like" bus we headed to Tanzania, passing Mount Kilimanjaro on the way. Our first camp ground was in Arusha. Close by the local Masai women sold wonderful handmade souvenirs ... I couldn't resist and paying for it now, with a overfilled backpack : (
I had forgotten how much fun camping was ... lets see if my excitment will last the next 54 days ...

Unfortunately we left Kenya after only two days and without me gathering any additional information about their history ...

The Serengeti was our first adventure - now in jeeps with 6 people we spend two days in the wilderness, encountering zebras, giraffes, lions, hippos, wilder beast, baboons, elephants, flamingos, buffaloes, voltchers, leopards ... and so much more. Unbelievable. Breathtaking. Wonderful. The best thing on my trip so far! ... also the best toilet I have every used - on the road, just about 100m away from a family of lions and hippos (only afterwards I understood why our driver looked at me like I was crazy)

The first day we spend driving around ... Wilson, our driver, finding all kinds of wonders of the animal world, e.i. the migration of the wilder beast .. millions of them, galloping along. Zebras usually hang out with them ... so amazing to see all these different animals getting along with each other. Giraffes - so graceful. Hippos, always snuggling up with each other. Lions - lazy, napping the day away.

During the night a unidentified large mammal was gracing next to my tent - and despite me amazing sleep - knock on wood- the heavy footsteps made the ground I was laying on shake ... we are guess it was either a hippo, elephant or Buffalo ... unbelievable. Next time I will get out of the tent to check, but I was to scared and lazy the first time around ...

The second day we relocated our camp on the rim of a old volcanic crater - amazing sunsets and sunrises. Our night visitors were ants this time ... Jaspal and I fought against a few thousand before the sun came up ... the remanding hour of sleep was taking in the truck with Wilson ; )

On day two we drove into the crater: more wilder beasts, zebras, lions and finally a whole family of elephants! ... also flamingo in a salt water lake and heap more baboons ...and so much more. Just incredible ... all while sticking your head out of a sunroof and seeing them just feet away from you! Amazing.

We also stopped at a Masai village late that afternoon, to learn about the traditional way of living in East Africa - not enough time for me to write about right now - crazy though! WE have such a good life!!

Our next stop was Dala Salam, but just to get to the island of Zanzibar - where I arrived today.
The people here have been amazingly friendly. When walking by yourself, you are always greeted by locals - Jambo - hello - mambo - how are you. Just today I have gotten lost four times ... each time a local got me back on track, walking fairly large distances with me to make sure I get there - not asking for money, but simply being nice.

More later.. I think about you guys often ... miss you.
lots of love

BTW - in case anyone else would like a postcard, feel free to e-mail me your address ( and I will try me best to get you one before I return home ; )

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Hi Jasmin, we've received your postcard from Thailand! Thank you so much. What a surprise it was for us. We wish you enjoy your time.
Take care! Ben and Sonja