Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fair Trade for All

On a side note ....

while I was in Aukland I picked up a book: Fair Trade for All - How Trade Can Promote Development, by Joseph E. Stiglitz and Andrew Charlton ... which I recently finished and would like to share with you :) ...some of you might remember my enthusiasm for the movie " Battle in Seattle", also about the WTO (World Trade Organisation)and it's relationship with their least developed countries.

This book gives great inside and suggestions to how we can change the way we all live together with a fairer way to do business/trade around the world, including insides on how the WTO is structured and run ... also shocking to hear how the poorest countries are treated in many ways.

As Bill put it this way: "We are stuck with a global economic system that doesn't work for half the world. Stiglitz and Charlton propose a plan to embrace the other half, to move to a future of shared benefits and shared responsibilities." --President Bill Clinton

I did not find this book to be the solution to all our issues ... I am afraid it will take a lot of work (if possible at all) to implement many of his suggestions. I would love to hear from you guys in regards to other books on this subject I should check out so I can get a better understanding of this subject :)


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